Next Gen AI Solutions

Below are some examples of ground breaking applications of Developmental AI to several key business problems, which all require semantically grounded understanding of complex situations, world modeling, reasoning, and some form of theory-of-mind implementation to represent the other's intentions:

Chatbots + Understanding

Chat bots that really understand what they are talking about, capable to handle meaning, hold a conversation and build a model of the person they are talking to.

Self-driving vehicles

Full Level 5 self-driving vehicle, capable to handle out of distribution situations and react in understandable ways.

Last mile logistics

The last mile of logistics is the more difficult to automate, because it's the most unpredictable. Developmental AIs can help to bridge this gap.

Elderly Care

Adaptable and dependable elderly care systems that really understand situations, intentions and needs to better complement human care.

Adaptive Teaching

With developmental AI-based automated teachers and courses, we can achieve high level of context understanding to better adapt learning to each child.

Teachable Robots

Robots that can be taught, and not simply programmed, especially for complex and not well specified tasks requiring common sense.